In the last three years, the state of Maharashtra witnessed the worst draught in its recorded history, over 30,000 farmers committed suicide and many more were left with poor crops and massive debt. Major reason for farmer suicides is lack of money to pay off their loans and debts. This is the outcome of multiple factors- Obsolete farming techniques with unpredictable weather changes have led to destruction and poor yield of crops. Middlemen have been hoarding the produce of the farmers and they don't get the returns which is rightfully theirs coupled with lack of information of facilities and technologies available at their disposal, farmers have been led to misery. There is a need for the urban community to not only recognize the hardships faced by the farmers while questioning the system, but also to reach out and help them in any way possible. Any kind of support, however inconsequential it is for the urban community, is of massive assistance to the farmers in their time of distress. To tackle these issues, Project Zeen was formed. Currently, we work with farmers of the lowest strata of the society which includes - Tribal Farmers and Below poverty line Farmers

Why we do?

  • Unfair pricing of produce, debt burden and Information inaccessibility.

  • The drought in maharashtra has claimed more than 30,000 lives and has resulted in a major debt burden on the farmers.

  • Project Zeen works towards providing information to the farmers on government schemes and efficient farming techniques, establishing direct farmer to consumer markets to skip the coterie of middlemen and teaching farmers to grow exotic vegetables which render growth.