It was the deplorable sanitation conditions across our city, that propelled the foundation of Project Vishuddh in order to provide technical solutions to solve these problems. Our extensive surveys across the slums of Mumbai highlighted a seemingly insignificant problem- laundry. The remarkable direct and indirect impact of poor laundry practices propelled our team to develop a high quality, low-cost detergent- Vidhra. We train entrepreneurial women and men to manufacture and sell Vidhra, thereby helping them set up their own business!

Vishuddh is also working towards tackling other such sanitation and hygiene-related challenges through a plethora of innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. Along with our primary objectives, we also aim to eradicate poverty, promote good health and well-being, encourage responsible consumption and production while enabling gender equality at the grassroots.

Why we do?

  • Poor sanitation and hygiene, water shortage, lack of space and pollution.

  • A city with about 50% of the population residing in slums, the challenges are plenty. Pollution is choking Mumbai to a silent death, denying access to basic necessities like portable water.

  • At Project Vishuddh we resolve these issues by redefining laundry.

  • Vidhra, our high quality, low-cost detergent set out Project Vishuddh on its venture to eradicate poverty and achieve gender equality. Simultaneously, we are working on tackling other sanitation and hygiene based challenges.