The main aim of Vishuddh is to educate the community about the use of washing machines and then move towards the concept of community washing centres. The machines uses easy to obtain raw materials and require minimal technical knowledge for operation and construction. Other than that, we also aim to eradicate poverty, promote good health and well-being, promote gender equality, work for clean water and sanitation, promote responsible consumption and production, and lastly, protect life below water. Owning basic home appliances is a far-fetched dream for them, owing to issues of cost, space and electricity. Hence, at Project Vishuddh we give them technical solutions to solve these problems.

Why we do?

  • Poor sanitation and hygiene, water shortage, lack of space and pollution.

  • A city with about 50% of the population residing in slums, the challenges are plenty. Pollution is choking Mumbai to a silent death, denying access to basic necessities like portable water.

  • At Project Vishuddh we resolve these issues by redefining laundry.

  • An easy to manufacture and use machine sets out Project Vishuddh on its venture to eradicate poverty and achieve gender equality. Along with that, we also have a cheap and efficient detergent.