December 2016

Quality Education

"I had only told Papa to get me passed but they went ahead and made me topper." These are the words of the Bihar board class 12 topper in Arts. These are the words that grabbed the attention of the masses sitting in their homes and watching the interview of the prodigy from Vaishali who managed to score a solid 485 marks out of 500. These words make up one those many instances that lay dried up thanks to the fickle minded citizens of our country and our politicians who would rather debate about religion and caste than the more significant issue of education.
ur country boasts of some of the best Engineering and Business schools, cut-offs for our premier institutes are as high as 98% and we have world class technology to boost teaching methods in urban India. Despite all these, how come we often come across statistics pointing out that about 1,05,630 government elementary and secondary schools are run by only 1 teacher.
We can blame the government as much as we want at the top of our voices. But is that all that we can do? Have our busy lives restricted us to just showing concern and blaming the lack of steps taken by our leaders?
For us, at Enactus, a social issue is just an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of as many people and communities as possible. We follow a triple E model of Education,Entrepreneurship and Empowerment. Education remains our first and foremost agenda in every endeavor. It's a major source of implementation of our projects which aim at educating the women and children having lack of access or no access to schools. Our volunteers teach subjects like math and science while skilled professionals provide training in the form of beautification and tailoring courses, skills which can be carried forward by them to become entrepreneurs and lead more respectable lives.
Another way we are reaching out to those with no access to a teacher or a school is through our initiative- Capsule School. Capsule school, a concept by Enactus MPSTME,helps us provide essential education to communities via technology. These are the communities which otherwise we would not be able to interact with due to external circumstances and factors such as geographical location, physical and mental barriers. We have a dedicated team of students skilled in video production and data handling to help us in implementing this new and innovative way of schooling .We have prepared a rigorous course structure on the modules of Money Management, English Language and basic Mathematics, keeping in mind the existing knowledge levels and learning pace of the beneficiaries. Worksheets to test the understanding of the course are also prepared for them to practice.
In the past year with our associate NGO "Buniyaad" and their trained professionals we have successfully recorded the live teaching of the above mentioned courses with animations and effects for better interaction.
We produced 10 hours of education material, and all of this was transferred to pen drives bought by our sponsors and then distributed to various requested communities.
This program has a lot of potential to create a large and sustaining impact and educate large number of communities. With the help and cooperation from as many partners as possible, this can surely be technology that brings about change.
To have the ability to empower the lives of so many humans is a privilege and in a greater sense an obligation to our society. This mission can only be accomplished if we have your support. Join hands with us and help us spread education. Because after all, education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world.





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