January 2017

Good Health and Well Being

"A man's health can be judged by which he takes two at a time - pills or stairs" -Joan Welsh
In a fast paced world of ours, a world where time is the blood and soul of the masses, where in a second you can form a snap judgement of 10 unfamiliar faces or live the world as heroes in our games, we often miss out on things much less materialistic and at the same time much more precious. The taste of a morning coffee, the smile of your loved ones, the punchline of a hilarious joke or even the sound of silence. People have misconceptions about the word 'wellbeing'. Being in a relationship isn't wellbeing, but being in a happy one is, having a high salary isn't wellbeing, but being satisfied and contempt with your job is, even living in a luxurious and sanitary place doesn't fit the idea of well being until and unless the neighbors are social and you are happy about your choice of residence.
Hence wellbeing in simple terms tells if someone is 'being well'. Good living conditions, positive surrounding, joy and satisfaction from job constitute this. Hence it enhances both physical and mental health resulting in disease prevention and promotion of health. Well-being, as an outcome should be meaningful to the public because of the various advantages it has to offer like longevity, physical and mental illness, productivity, social correctness etc. Hence wellbeing and good health go parallel to each other.
AIDS spreads through multiple ways like having unprotected sex with an unknown partner, transmission between a mother and her baby(pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding), transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products (like asking for a new blade every time you visit a barber) and sharing of contaminated injecting equipment (like needles and syringes). There might not be a cure yet for the disease, but it can be prevented in most of the cases. Combinational antiretroviral therapy (ART) prevents HIV from multiplying in the body and hence enhances the immune system which tackles any further infections. Presently 18.2 million people are receiving ART worldwide. It may not be the final solution, might as well be a small step, but these small steps are going in the correct direction and will hopefully result in a bigger, a better and a more efficient medicinal cure.
We at Enactus MPSTME are one of the many organizations which focus on sanitation and well being of the society. We do this through our projects Patched and Project Parivartan.
In Patched we work with the trafficked women from two of our NGOs-Rescue and Oasis. They are taught skills like stitching and tailoring in sanitary conditions and are made aware about the various diseases and how to prevent them.
In Project Parivartan we teach the same to the small children and the rag pickers who are the reason why our city of Mumbai is green and clean. They make sure that our surrounding is healthy while themselves living in slums. If they can take care of us then we can surely return the favor by helping them in shaping their future. We have held various health camps for the poor and the needy. In addition to that, the products we teach our beneficiaries are all eco-friendly. Like the saw dust when burned releases many harmful gasses, thus we make use of this sawdust to make pencils and pens. We are utilizing Mother Nature in the most efficient and at the same time ecological way, in other words, we are upcycling the waste in the environment and thus reducing the carbon footprint presence. In addition to this , through upcycling we are also reducing the pressure on the landfills.
It's a lot like pulling the rabbit out of the hat. How things that seem terrible for the ecosystem can be a boon for the society. Just by changing the way we look at things, the things themselves can change and they can change for good. We at Enactus persevere to make this world of ours a better place to live in and we do this by preserving the environment, making people aware about the various diseases that can affect their health and well being and helping in upliftment of the neglected communities by making eco-friendly products. We not only do this as an organization, but do this as individuals too. We believe that one should enjoy life, not its cost. Rather make it easier for others to enjoy with you. This is a a carefully edited, overproduced and photoshopped world where the ultimate goal is happiness. But the only key to that is health and well being.



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