Enactus is a community of students, academic and business leaders. We believe that a dedicated entrepreneurial action can transform and shape lives in a sustainable manner.

We are a group of students who want to bring about some serious change.

Change using social entrepreneurial action, shaping lives in a sustainable manner. Enactus, an international nonprofit organization believes in skilling the socially backward classes and creating social entrepreneurs out of them. We, Enactus MPSTME, are in our fifth academic year and have already founded four projects. Our first project, built in a record time of four months, helped found Projects Patched and Parivartan. These Projects together cover 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals. After successfully exiting these, we have now launched Project Zeen and Project Vishuddh.

What makes these Projects unique and exclusive? The intense exploration, research and deliberation. Months of field work. And of course, innumerable mugs of coffee.

Our projects meet the following UN development goals